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Investments in real estate (an apartment in Ashkelon)

Why is investing money in real estate in Israel have always been considered the most lucrative investments? Israel is very small, but real estate is buying the building and the land on which it is located. The cost of land each year is increasing, so the price of an apartment, office or shop is also rising. Therefore, even in times of crisis, when in other countries the price of apartments fell heavily, in Israel the real estate market did not hurt, moreover, in many cities prices have increased even as the fall in the market in other countries, attracted to a more stable and lucrative Israeli market new investors.
What is attractive Ashkelon?
In terms of choice of place where you could buy property, Ashkelon is one of the most attractive options.

First, it is the maritime city, luxurious beaches, and tourist port, beautiful views make it attractive to tourists. A tourism development will further increase the value of your property in the future.

Secondly, on the other coastal cities in Israel Ashkelne at this time no such high prices. When you purchase an inexpensive flat annual interest earned from the letting of accommodation to rent is higher than can be obtained for the lease of expensive housing in the center of the country. And the demand for removable accommodation in Ashkelon has always been high.

And thirdly, Asheklon - city development. In recent years, it is university, houses of culture, with large concert halls, and tourist port and the hotel. The development of the city makes it attractive to new immigrants and young Israeli families. Thus, the demand for apartments in Ashkelon will always be high.

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