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1 USD = 3.958 ILS

Brokerage services in Israel

Agency real estate Ashkelon is already more than 15 years of experience in the real estate market. We sell flats with second hand and new projects being built in Ashkelon. We are seeking to rent housing. We have a large computerized database of apartments which is constantly replenished and updated.

Sales of apartments and offices on the second hand

The real estate market in Israel is highly dynamic. It is no exception to the city of Ashkelon. Each week, receive dozens of new proposals for the sale of apartments, villas, duplex and penthouse, offices and shops. If you have decided to find yourself, for example, an apartment, then in order to check all the options, you will need to spend time and effort to collect information. With our brokerage office, you get all the information in the already finished and processed forms. With this you can quickly see the correct options and receive guidance in the price of the desired properties. Many people think that if they can self-search to save on brokerage services. This is not true, it is the possession of full information at the right time allows you to select the best option to buy. This information is worth money, but they are justified.

At the conclusion of a deal to sell real estate in Israel, generally considered to be payment for brokerage services in the amount of 2% + N.D.S. This amount is not fixed. On the amount of remuneration can be agreed before signing the contract.

Sale of apartments in new buildings (on Kablan)

Our agency has contracts with various construction contractors who are building in Ashkelon. If you are buying a flat from Kablan you do not pay for mediation services. (Payment can be only for the maintenance of banking, if you need).

Rental apartments and offices in Ashkelon

Rent an apartment or a short-term rent are very common in Israel. Typically, the transaction is for one year with option for renewal. Mediation services are paid in the amount of monthly payment + N.D.S. for the year. Our agency takes a brokerage in the first year alone, although under the law, if you use the option for an extension of the contract for rental housing, too, must i pay the monthly payment.

Bank assistance in the purchase of real estate

The majority of transactions for the purchase of housing in Israel, committed with the help of banks, where customers are mortgage loans - mashkantu and additional loans mashlimott.

Receipt and processing of loans is a complex process. There are many of its pitfalls and how to construct the work with the bank, the success and economic benefit transaction. Banks are known to give money at interest. This percentage may be slightly more or slightly less depending on the conditions of the deal and your ability to haggle with the bank. If you entrust the conduct of trade specialists, it can get better terms and as a result of saving tens of thousands of shekels for monthly payments.

Let the search of real estate and banking professionals escorts